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~ Christina

308 Wellington St.
Kingston, Ontario



Christina Branco is a registered psychotherapist , professionally trained in psychophysical therapy and spiritual mentorship. Working individually, in couples and in groups, Christina will help you get at the root of the matter in order to heal deeply. She will support you in the process of becoming whole again as you inquire into your life's role, shift relationship patterns at their core, and move forward to create the life that you want and need.

Christina's work is simple yet powerful, in part because she tailors healing to the individual needs of those who seek her. She offers a perspective that is grounded in truth and reality, given in an atmosphere of support and compassion. She provides transformative teachings that are based in respect and deeply ethical. She makes you feel safe as you do your toughest work, addressing and overcoming emotional and relational blocks and barriers. This allows you to live wholeheartedly, discover love, and ultimately to live a purposeful life - at peace, whole, and empowered.

Christina's passionate commitment to your wellbeing is demonstrated in her solid approach.